Wireless power.

The Wireless Power Bank

It's 2018. Forget Wires.

Our goal is to free your life of wires. Kiss those ugly frayed wires goodbye. We utilize innovative wire-free technology to unobtrusively charge your smartphone.
Welcome to a wireless world. 

The Spiegel Power Bank

A masterpiece of modern art.

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impressive and simple

Just like that.

No worries about your phone slipping off. We use cutting-edge suction technology assure your phone stays put. Convenient and safe.

Suctions technology

Secure Hold.

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The power to charge
anytime, anyplace.

Without wires

Two is better than One

Double the fun.

Tons of Features

All in your hands.

Ready. Set. Charge.

Experience Wireless Power Domination.

in a good-looking way.

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