Samsung Clear Magnetic Case
Samsung Clear Magnetic Case
Samsung Clear Magnetic Case
Samsung Clear Magnetic Case

Samsung Clear Magnetic Case

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Fully compatible with all MagSafe supported accessories. Our crystal clear case protects your new Samsung and shows off its beauty.

Made out of clear polycarbonate and flexible thermoplastic polyurethene material, this case snugly fits around your Samsung with accurate precision. It's scratch-resistant and optimizted to prevent yellowing over time. The strong built-in magnets align with all MagSafe accessories and it perfectly pairs with our Wireless Car Charger.

No branding
We decided not to brand this case with our logo to keep it as clean and clear as possible.

MagSafe® compatible
Made to work with the new MagSafe ecosystem. Even better hold with our strong built-in magnets.

Edge-to-Edge precision
Fast Built with accurate precision, this case will fit snugly around your Samsung covering every whole and providing accurate button design.

Crystal clear and anti-yellowing
Made out of a mix of clear polycarbonate (PC) material and flexible thermoplastic polyurethene (TPU) material. Optimized to prevent yellowing, keep your phone scratch free and remove fingerprints. 

Raised screen and lens protection
Protects your screen and camera by an additional raise.

    — Samsung S22 Ultra
    — Samsung S22 Plus
    — Samsung S22

    — Material (Back): High quality hard Polycarbonate (PC)
    — Material (Edges): Clear and soft Thermoplastic Polyurethene (TPU)
    — Raised lense lip: 1 mm
    — Raised screen lip: 0.9mm

    Does this work with your Wireless Car Charger?
    Yes, it perfectly pairs with our car charger and provides an even stronger hold. 

    Does this also work with other MagSafe accessories?
    Yes, you can use this case with other MagSafe accessories as well. It's made to work with the new MagSafe ecosystem.

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