Do these covers affect the sound quality?
No, they are designed to not compromise the sound quality of your AirPods Max.

How easy are they to apply and remove?
The covers are designed for easy application and removal, sliding on and off in seconds.

Can I wash these covers?
Yes, they are hadn washable, making them easy to clean after intense workouts.

Are these covers compatible with other headphone models?
They are specifically designed for Apple AirPods Max and may not fit other models.

Do these covers help with the sagging of the ear cushions?
Customers have reported that the covers provide more grip and support, helping to reduce sagging.

Will my AirPods Max still fit in their case with these covers on?
Yes, the covers are slim enough to allow your AirPods Max to fit in their case.

Can I still use the buttons and charge my AirPods Max with the cover on?
Yes, you can! The cover is made to let you easily use all buttons, the microphone, and the charging port without having to take it off.

Are these covers suitable for everyday use outside of workouts?
Absolutely, they provide excellent protection and comfort for everyday use.

How do the covers protect against odors?
The sweat-resistant material helps prevent the buildup of sweat and moisture, which are common causes of odors.