Is this charger for cars only?
No, it can be used wherever you want. It's also perfect on your office desk or at home. Works as a wireless charger everywhere.

How does fast charging work?
Fast charging requires extra power that you can get through a powerful USB port (if your car has one) or through a fast car lighter-adapter (not included). In both cases you will need up to 18W to enable fast charging.

Can I change the position in my car and how does that work with the tape?
Yes, the 3M tape provides a strong hold once it's installed but with a little more power you can safely remove it from your dash again without leaving any traces and install it somewhere else. Should your 3M tape not provide a strong hold after you reused it a few times, reach out to our support, we'd be happy to provide free additional tapes.

Do you have a vent option?
No, we currently don't as we think the dash option is a more secure way to hold your phone while on commute.

My question was not answered
Please reach out to our support, we get back within 24h.